A Decade Lost

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It was the year 2000 at my birthday party. For 22 years, I am pretty sure we spent almost every birthday together. And then a decade was lost for nothing. And then you were lost, exactly 2 years ago. I am trying not to get lost in grief. I miss […]

It has been some time since I posted. A lot of life changes the past few months. It takes time for the mind to make sense of change and as one gets older, processing happens slower and more privately than before. Deaths, separations, moves, births, rebirths, misery, sickness, happiness, vacations, […]

Guest blog posts for RWJF at http://rwjfblogs.typepad.com/pioneer/2010/05/games-for-health-conference-day-2-highlights-.html and http://rwjfblogs.typepad.com/pioneer/2010/05/games-for-health-conference-a-look-back-at-day-1-from-hgr-grantee-marientina-gotsis.html

I will be in in Boston for the Annual Games for Health Conference from May 23 to May 28. I have followed this conference since its first few steps and it has grown and impressed me and surprised me. This year, I am giving a talk on mobile games for […]

It used to be fun. You could carry all your creature comforts with you on the plane. The seats were bigger. The lines were faster. The food was better. Taking a plane feels just one step more luxurious than taking a rural bus these days. There is no dignity left […]

Dear Kelly, It has been two months since Dad called to tell me that you were gone. He was very upset you know. He liked taking care of you whenever you were around. Do you still remember that summer he cooked for us gourmet food every day at the beach […]

fierce and wild sweet and gentle wearing grandpa’s baby blues piercing, loving so much bravado ready to pounce hiding your true self such strong, kind spirit worthy of a hundred nicknames amazon warrior princess blond sensation absolut kelly (so true) but really, mostly, unforgettable uncomparable a true original you were […]

I recently found this piece below again. A little bit of truth and a little bit of fiction. The mundane nature of breakups and the process of sorting one’s life through objects is something that has always interested me. I did a photo installation project with a narrative that then […]

In 2006, I wrote this post about Edwin, a homeless man I talked to for some time — a habit I don’t indulge in very often. His sister contacted me out of the blue and shared his life story, that of a smart and talented man who suffered from neglect, […]

I hadn’t updated my website since 2003 and it has become embarrassing to ask people to “just Google me”. After all, Google doesn’t tell the whole story…I bit the bullet, installed WordPress and started writing. Six years is a pretty long time. I guess I have been pretty busy and […]