Who is counting?
— I am counting.

You are always counting.
— You have to ask me to stop.

You buried me the day after Valentine’s day.
— You broke my heart.

All is forgiven.
— Nothing is forgotten.

Why are you still so angry?
— You left me again without goodbye.

Why won’t you reciprocate?
— You can’t have it your way all the time.

Do you ever miss me?
— I never thought you would ask.

Do you ever wonder why?
— If there is heaven, they were out of Absolut.

Why do you mock me now?
— You can’t push me around anymore.

I only wanted you to laugh.
— Sometimes you hurt me.

No more running into trees.
— I am safely bored.

Will you run if I am not chasing you?
— I will be busy counting.

You are such a tedious nerd.
— Someone has to do your homework.

It is Valentine’s day again soon.
— It is one day after, to be precise.

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