Here is some advice from someone who has to read many applications. Don’t ask for recommendation letters from people who are self-absorbed, pompous narcissists. If their letter is about them and not you, it reflects badly upon you as a judge of character. It is perfectly ok to give people […]

It is August of 2013 and she is in Mexico. It is only one week into the vacation, yet every possible scenario, likely or unlikely, is already circling her mind like a bunch of vultures over a dying animal. This poor animal, a banal metaphor for her happiness, tried so […]

While searching for inspiration to move forward, sometimes it helps to look back…way back. Over dinner tonight, James and I talked about old civilizations. I remembered that I had an old tribute to a certain place of the past, a sacred place: my own huaca. Before game engines were available […]

It used to be fun. You could carry all your creature comforts with you on the plane. The seats were bigger. The lines were faster. The food was better. Taking a plane feels just one step more luxurious than taking a rural bus these days. There is no dignity left […]

In 2006, I wrote this post about Edwin, a homeless man I talked to for some time — a habit I don’t indulge in very often. His sister contacted me out of the blue and shared his life story, that of a smart and talented man who suffered from neglect, […]