You used to be the moon and I used to be the sun.

We stared at the earth so far away from us — closer to you — reality, mine so far away.

How could you hide from me so suddenly?
So easily?
So stubbornly?

When will you unhide from behind the earth?

The sun is lonely, moon.


I thought of you again today.
Sometimes I skip — forgive me.
Remembering only the good has gotten easy.
I still get angry for forgetting all the bad. I want all of you.
It isn’t you I learned to let go.
It is all me. Selfishly me.

Do you know how much of me I had to give away to keep you?

Snow falls over Ferguson

If it is peace that you want, it is trust that you need.
Why is it so hard to be kind to the dog who just bit you?

If it is justice that you want, it is rage that you will get.
Why is it so hard to care for the horse who just kicked you?

Want it all, take it all.
Curl up like the cat who just licked you.

Leave it all.
It is easier to love the melting snow.

Falling Stars

When day comes too soon,
far away seems the big blue,
and the sun is igniting your soul.

When night falls too fast,
far away seems the milky way,
and the moon is a burning hole.

When void stagnates,
and nothing is visible,
and nothing is touching,

those days and nights, talk gently
those nights and days, hold tightly
for days and nights, watch closely

Out of the clear sky,
a quick re-entry.

Something is lit.
Everything is felt.
And then it is gone.


For Robin Williams, for everyone who faced the void and was consumed by it, and for those who still face the void, day or night, night and day.

Absolut Kelly (1975-2010)

fierce and wild
sweet and gentle
wearing grandpa’s baby blues
piercing, loving

so much bravado
ready to pounce
hiding your true self
such strong, kind spirit

worthy of a hundred nicknames
amazon warrior princess
blond sensation
absolut kelly (so true)

but really, mostly,
a true original you were

catch you on the edge of the sun
riding your chariot of fire
red and black forever

in my heart, forever.


I will count to 100 now and when I turn around, it will be your turn. If you want me to keep going, just let me know. I will wait until it is my turn.